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The purpose of this project is helping beginners to start developing in C#.

This project is not production ready but it's fine to show how to develope a simple Web application, so it includes imlementations of the most common tasks (like using a MasterPage or dividing in tiers/layers).

At this time (04/06/2012) the source code includes the Channels, Mediums and some of the campaign concepts. In the next pictures you can see the login page, the objectives page, the channels page and the campaigns page respectively:






This Project is also useful for teaching purposes in tasks like ASP.Net migration to ASP.NET MVC and 1-tier/3-layer architecture.

If you want to participate in this project, there are some simple steps to follow:
1-Create or modify database objects (like stored procedures or tables).
2-Create or modify the common objects project if necessary and the data layer project. When working on the data access project take into account adding a class (with the connection string as parameter) only when there is no one yet; at this point you’ll see that all is done only through interfaces to encapsulate the data base specifics -i.e. IDbConnection-.
3-Create or modify the Web Site project.

That's it. 


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